Something new

It's only February so my start of the year ambition hasn't faded just yet. I've been intending to make 2018 a year in which I write more so kicking tires here and doing a little revamp seems like a good idea. I also share the general sense of disgust directed at Facebook and other social media platforms, so I'm anxious to make my small corner of the web more active. Still the blog will never be as active as github or twitter (for better or worse), so those are linked here too.

The blog is hosted by Digital Ocean on their $5/month plan and it is a one-click install of Ghost. I haven't made any modifications to Ghost yet. I did try to get things up and running without following the directions at first and that was a mistake. If you want to get Ghost running on DO these directions are important:

Following them has the added bonus of setting up LetsEncrypt for you so you can run your blog over SSL which is a bonus. I didn't realize it would be that easy.