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Code4Lib 2018: Homeward bound

My bags are packed and my brain is melted, it must be time to head home. I didn't schedule my travel as perfectly as I would have liked so I won't get to see all of today's keynote but I should catch most of it.

Yesterday we had a full day of programs, some that made you feel like Python can let you do anything and some that really made you despair for the state of our algorithmic world.

In the evening we went to the Library of Congress. I had pretty carefully preserved social resources to be able to go, and, tbh, threw money at a Lyft in order to get myself out the door. The reception was beautiful, I got to chat a couple of people's ear off (yay for fellow UX-er Nik) and see the exhibits. I have to confess that looking at the exhibits I mostly thought about the fact that LoC has definitely not been decolonized. That said, the people from LoC who were at the conference were amazing, so I have some hope.

Taking the Lyft to the reception also gave me the chance to see our capital buildings. They are still there. They will be there after 2020. Seeing the capital gave me hope too. I envy people who get to live in DC.

A few links from yesterday: